Clinical science

iNTD is made up of an internationally leading team of scientists and clinicians. We set up an international registry for the documentation of clinical data from patients with neurotransmitter related disorders.

  • Biogenic amines neurotransmitter disorders

  • BH4 deficiencies

  • Cerebral folate deficiencies

  • Serine deficiencies

  • Disorders of glycine metabolism

  • GABA related disorders

  • Co-Chaperone deficiencies

Basic Sciences

As a collaboration of internationally renowned researchers, we perform cutting-edge research on neurotransmitter related disorders with the goal to transform our results into novel advanced clinical approaches. We want to identify and understand the pathomechanisms involved in neurotransmitter deficiencies.

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Meet Our Team

The iNTD is led by the iNTD steering committee and the scientific board. Meet our partners:

Thomas Opladen
Àngels Garcia Cazorla
Manju Kurian
Vincenzo Leuzzi
Michèl Willemsen
Toni Pearson
Roser Pons

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